Learning for Living: You're Incredible

You and Your Best

Embrace Your Potential: EXACTLY!

Getting right to the heart of your issues with laser sharpness

How? With the beautifully intangible and creative: spirit, soul, mind-body work that nobody gets taught at school.

My secret recipe for serious change - that I've used in many guises to transform my life beyond belief.

Emotional limitations block your path to potential and wellbeing - it's my job to help you clear and thrive....no messing about here.


  • An expert in the art of personal transformation
  • Spirit-soul and energy worker
  • Creative therapeutic approach for deep and lasting and change: music, art, movement, meditation
  • Working with children, young people and families
  • Supporting all relationship styles and orientations
  • Clearing your resistance to potential

Take Care of Yourself

Open and honest, honest and open.

When your heart is broken or darkness creeps in there is light knocking on the door.

So many people are misfiring with their potential, I'm not just talking sales figures and promotions here - I'm talking about connecting to yourself in such a way that you have freedom to live with authenticity, confident that all of who you are has the potential to be incredible.

Past hurts, memories, old traumas and sabotaging patterns set up a very comfortable home in the mind, body and life. 

Shifting things into a new way of being isn't always clear or easy when you're thinking and thinking and.......thinking......!

Why work with me?

I'm a therapeutic coach who is an adventurer for change. 

I keep things simple and meet you where you're at.

I have experienced all manner of challenging fun and games throughout my life: domestic violence, chronic illness in the family, teenage anxiety and depression, religious guilt and shame, abusive relationships, single parenthood. 

Stresses like these strip our potential from the energy it needs to fire up - but it isn't terminal!

How can I help you?

Decades of living and decades of training have brought me to a place where I can work my professional skills with experiential wisdom to deliver programmes that help you get on the path to transformation....quickly. 

I work from the roots upwards, guiding you through your emotional maze of mirrors, helping you build strong foundations for whatever you want to achieve in life. 

Every single one of my courses works my greatest hits of therapeutic, healing and growth techniques. I use them over and again to excellent effect in my professional wellbeing consultancy practice; with my friends, family and most importantly on myself.

As complex as our emotional experiences can be, my philosophy is simple: open up, connect, learn to accept, embrace and grow....yourself. 

Cut the analysis, no overthinking, no fixing or blaming others - we go straight to the tough stuff and get clearing! 

Whatever went on before, what was done to us or by us; we are here in this moment and you have the power to transform your mind and body.

With love and compassion of course....

Game, Set, Growth ® Mindset Made Easy

Dominance Profiling for Sports People

Game, Set, Growth® - 11 Week Mindset Mastery Course

View course $3,333

1-2-1 Success and Transformation Session

View course $1,111

Dominance Profiling & Feedback Session

1-2-1 Soul School: 7 Weekly Intensive with Sarah + Personalised Programme

View course $7,777

1-2-1 Soul School: Total Transformation in 7 Months - Gold Package

View course $55,555

1-2-1 Soul School: Total Transformation in 13 Months - Platinum Package

View course $111,111

Important Information

This therapeutic and coaching work is designed to complement - NOT REPLACE - any existing medical or other healthcare treatment your are undergoing. Integrated healthcare is the way forward.

It is important to check in with a doctor or other appropriate professional if you have any health concerns. 

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