Learning for Living: You're Incredible

You and Your Best

Embrace Your Potential: EXACTLY!

You could be a global executive struggling with personal relationships or parenting guilt - or a devoted performer blighted by audition nerves. 

All of these emotional limitations block your path to potential and wellbeing - it's my job to help you clear and thrive....no messing about here.


  • Success and Wellbeing Consultant
  • Working with families, teens, children and adults
  • Clearing your resistance to potential
  • Meditation & Mindfulness made easy
  • Energy healing with NLP and Hypnotherapy
  • Mental coordination training with a neurodevelopmental movement programme 

Game, Set, Growth: Audio Course Mindwork for Sports People

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1-2-1 Success and Transformation Session

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Game, Set, Growth: Success in Sport Package

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The Feeling Better Series: Exam Stress

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Take Care of Yourself

Golfer's yips, parenting worries, executive business trouble, relationship communication: resolving these issues is all about having an emotional clearout!

So many people are misfiring with their potential, I'm not just talking sales figures and promotions here - I'm talking about connecting to yourself in such a way that you have freedom to live with authenticity, confident that all of who you are has the potential to be incredible.

I work from the roots upwards, guiding you through your emotional maze of mirrors, helping you build strong foundations for whatever you want to achieve in life. 

Every single one of my courses works my greatest hits of therapeutic, healing and growth techniques. I use them over and again to excellent effect in my professional wellbeing consultancy practice; with my friends, family and most importantly on myself.

As complex as our emotional experiences can be, my philosophy is simple: open up, connect, learn to accept, embrace and grow....yourself. Cut the analysis, no overthinking, no fixing or blaming others - we go straight to the tough stuff and get clearing! Whatever went on before, what was done to us or by us; we are here in this moment and you have the power to transform your mind and body.

With love and compassion of course....

Important Information

This therapeutic and coaching work is designed to complement - NOT REPLACE - any existing medical or other healthcare treatment your are undergoing. Integrated healthcare is the way forward.

It is important to check in with a doctor or other appropriate professional if you have any health concerns. 

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