Game, Set, Growth® - 11 Week Mindset Mastery Course by Sarah Flotel

Game, Set, Growth® - 11 Week Mindset Mastery Course

Are there gaps between your practice abilities and performance under pressure?

Does anxiety get in the way of flow?

If so, this is the space for you to work through all those worries and design yourself a programme of mindbody work that will change your mental outlook.

Fully supported by Sarah in weekly group sessions this course has so many materials for you to pack into your mindset toolbox.

Each group session involves a good house clean of emotional worries so that you can flourish and thrive on and off the sports field.

What's included?

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Game, Set, Growth® Ebook .pdf
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11 Weeks of Group Mindset Work
In this course you will:
Healing & Growth Work
1 min
Session 1: Assess the Mess
Assess the Mess
Session 2: Old Memories
Pick Something
Session 3: The Body Keeps the Score
Change - Friend or Foe?
Session 4: Doubts and Fear
Nurture Doubt - Care for Fear
Session 5: Maintenance
Self-Care is Important
Section 10: Dominant Learning Profiling
Dominant Profiling Explanation
Dominant Learning/Expressive Profile Quiz
Session 11: Celebrate Your Inner Game
Well Done!
Audio Guidance for Sports People
Disclaimer - Safety.mp3
1 min
6 mins
Introduction to Audio Guides.mp3
5 mins
I Should, I Shouldn't .mp3
9 mins
Belief and Faith.mp3
7 mins
Emotional First Aid.mp3
8 mins
Let's Get Started.mp3
6 mins
Other People.mp3
5.42 MB
Excuses, Excuses.mp3
4.58 MB
Consider the Victim.mp3
8 mins
The Angry People.mp3
23.3 MB
Wisdom and Resilience.mp3
11.1 MB
Breathe 4-7-8 Nature's Stress
3 mins
Breathe & Blow
3 mins
Move - Thymus
1 min
3 mins
Movements - Ears and
3 mins
Move - Intro &
4 mins
BONUS Bigger Picture Tapping Materials
Tapping Demonstration - EFT Sarah
2 mins
2.72 MB
Tap and Sing - Introduction.mp3
2 mins
Self-Esteem with
11 mins
Tap and Sing - My Time to Shine.mp3
5 mins
Tap and Sing - Sadness.mp3
3 mins
BONUS Bigger Picture Materials
Follow the Feeling Guided Meditation.wav
22 mins
Heart Coherence
9 mins
Micro Meditation - Heart Connect
2 mins
Micro Meditation - Heart
1 min
Hypnotic Guided Meditation.mp3
22 mins