Biofield Energy Reading & Distant Healing: Spirit-Soul Guidance by Sarah Flotel

Biofield Energy Reading & Distant Healing: Spirit-Soul Guidance

Send me a few details using the form after purchase and I will tune into your energy field and check out what's going on!

Energy is everything and we are all connected by universal source: light and love. 

Our bodies and minds have an incredible capacity to heal even when things seem really tough. 

All the magic is inside you but it might just need some guidance from time-to-time. 

I work on a deep soul level, sensing energy flow is as natural to me as breathing and as our bodies store all our memories there may be some that need a good old clean up before wellbeing comes. 

I will do the reading remotely and book you in via email. Once I have done it I will email or record the findings. 

I can create a healing and growth plan for you in coaching too so there's room for further work!

What's included?

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What is a biofield energy reading?
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