1-2-1 Soul School: Total Transformation in 7 Months - Gold Package by Sarah Flotel

1-2-1 Soul School: Total Transformation in 7 Months - Gold Package

This is exactly the same level of coaching as the 13 month package but runs over 7 months....you can always extend: I like a flexible option.

Total commitment = total transformation.

Why work with me?

I will be your spirit-soul personal trainer for 7 months. Think totally stacked, six-pack ripped.....in your mind, spirit and soul.

I am as committed to my own personal development as I am to helping you with yours.

If you are repeating patterns that are totally screwing with your mind, body, life, spirit, soul, work, family.....I am the woman to help with deep and lasting change.

This coaching programme is incredible value for 1-2-1 services and offers a thorough spirit-soul transformation.

1-2-1 sessions online or in person, Whatsapp & email support plus a written up programme with video & audio learning materials.

I blend science, intuition, primitive movement therapy, energy work, holistic healings and good old fashioned prayer and meditation guidance. We are complete beings after all...


Dominance profiling - know your biophysiological patterns and how they influence you under stress

Energy reading - scanning your biofield (remote, on the phone or in person) to see where you're losing power and what is anchoring you to the past

Energy clearing - a toolbox of techniques to help clear charges in the body and stresses in the mind

Primitive movement - get out of the head and into the body for powerful healing. Coordinate your reflexes and the mind benefits incredibly

Meditation and prayer - simple, powerful and lead by you. 

Apart from the in-person sessions there is a library of video materials to support your personal 'homework.'

What's included?

Video Icon 17 videos File Icon 10 files Text Icon 3 text files


Client Intake Form
What You Get:
Soul School: Total Transformation in 7 Months
Weekly Sessions for Healing, Clearing and Growth Work
Growth Work Programme
Honest Questions
Honest Questions - Relationships
Honest Questions: You
Honest Questions: Past Hurts
Honest Questions: Love and Fear
Honest Questions: Sabotage
Honest Questions: Change
Energy Clearing - Tapping
Self-Esteem with Tapping.mov
11 mins
Resentments with Tapping.mov
13 mins
2.72 MB
Tap and Sing - Introduction.mp3
2 mins
Tap and Sing - My Time to Shine.mp3
5 mins
Tap and Sing - Sadness.mp3
3 mins
Tapping Demonstration - EFT Sarah Flotel.mov
2 mins
Audio Materials - Guidance
8.78 MB
Intro to Bonus Audio Materials.mp3
785 KB
Stress as an Invitation to Healing.mp3
11 mins
Resilience Plus Affirmations.mp3
14 mins
Coordination Time!
Cross Crawl for Coordination.mov
1 min
Lazy Eights - Infinity Symbol Movements.mp4
1 min
Loosening Up.mov
1 min
Energising Movements
Central Meridian Energiser - Plus Belly Button Massage.mov
1 min
Reach for The Stars.mov
1 min
Chest Thump - Supercharged Wake Up!.mov
2 mins
Destress For the Head.mov
2 mins
Breathe and Chill
Breathe & Blow Away.mov
3 mins
Micro Meditation - Heart Connect Demo.mov
2 mins
Heart Coherence Meditation.mov
9 mins
Breathe 4-7-8 Nature's Stress Reliever.mov
3 mins
Embrace the Fear
Quick Fear Release - Triple Warmer Tap.mov
2 mins
Mini Massage - Awaken and Soothe
Hand and Ear Massage.mov
3 mins
Movements - Ears and Jaw.mov
3 mins
Bonus Audio - Hypnotic Sleep
Hypnotic Guided Meditation.mp3
22 mins