Dominance Profiling for Sports People by Sarah Flotel

Dominance Profiling for Sports People

Does your left hand know what the right eye is doing?

Did you know that your dominant brain hemisphere can influence how you play sport?

This neuroscience is fascinating stuff!

All sports people are working with coordination: mental and physical and it's great to know your dominance profile.

Why? Because your dominance setup affects how you move, hear and see under stress.

When you know your limitations a programme of therapeutic movements and other activities can be designed to help you connect, coordinate and make everything easier in your sport.

What's included?

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Open Goals Playbook.pdf
231 KB
Healing & Growth Work
1 min
Dominant Learning Profiling
Dominant Learning/Expressive Profile Quiz
Dominant Profiling Explanation
Breathe 4-7-8 Nature's Stress
3 mins
Breathe & Blow
3 mins
3 mins
Move - Thymus
1 min
Movements - Ears and
3 mins
Move - Intro &
4 mins
Celebrate Your Inner Game
Well Done!
Micro Meditation - Heart
1 min
Follow the Feeling Guided Meditation.wav
22 mins
Hypnotic Guided Meditation.mp3
22 mins
Heart Coherence
9 mins
Micro Meditation - Heart Connect
2 mins