Family Chill - Move, Breathe, Relieve.....Stress (Video Course) by Sarah Flotel

Family Chill - Move, Breathe, Relieve.....Stress (Video Course)

Let's take the overthinking out of stress relief. 

This course is packed full of soothing, connecting and energising movements that will become an invaluable tool in your relaxation skillbase.

These movements are designed to help coordinate and connect the mind without overworking the mind - suitable for all ages, families and individuals.

Movement is our first language on this planet and in times of stress it's better to engage in healing motion than analyse or talk. Connect with the body before working things out with the mind.

It includes fun healing videos for children and a huge selection of movements you can pick and choose from to use in everyday life and teach your children to use when they feel unsteady.

What's included?

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Welcome to The Family Chill
The Inner Core Workout - Movement
2 mins
The Family Chill Bundle - Welcome!.mov
2 mins
Movements to Chill & Connect.pdf
8.79 MB
Kids Fun
Fun Facial Movements for
3 mins
Children- Hand Tapping & The Colour
3 mins
The Water Race - A Fun
2 mins
Coordination Time!
Lazy Eights - Infinity Symbol Movements.mp4
1 min
Cross Crawl for
1 min
1 min
Energising Movements
Chest Thump - Supercharged Wake Up!.mov
2 mins
Central Meridian Energiser - Plus Belly Button
1 min
Reach for The
1 min
Destress For the
2 mins
Breathe and Chill
Micro Meditation - Heart Connect
2 mins
Breathe & Blow
3 mins
Heart Coherence
9 mins
Breathe 4-7-8 Nature's Stress
3 mins
Embrace the Fear
Quick Fear Release - Triple Warmer
2 mins
Mini Massage - Awaken and Soothe
Movements - Ears and
3 mins
Hand and Ear
3 mins
Bonus Audio - Hypnotic Sleep
Hypnotic Guided Meditation.mp3
22 mins