Game, Set, Growth: Audio Course Mindwork for Sports People by Sarah Flotel

Game, Set, Growth: Audio Course Mindwork for Sports People

For sports people who don't really like the idea of sitting still for mindwork and meditation practice but still want to reap the benefits of a coherent mind in their performance. 

This course teaches growth mindset and a whole selection of techniques to help you help yourself when your mental state is getting in the way of your very best.

Covering all the uncomfortable stuff - getting honest about limitations, resistance and smashing through it to reveal your potential under pressure.

Mental health and well-being is so important! My work with you is designed to benefit your life way beyond the sporting field.

What's included?

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Introduction & Audio Guides
Welcome to This Course.mp4
2 mins
Disclaimer - Safety.mp3
1 min
I Should, I Shouldn't .mp3
9 mins
6 mins
Introduction to Audio Guides.mp3
5 mins
Wisdom and Resilience.mp3
11.1 MB
Excuses, Excuses.mp3
4 mins
Emotional First Aid.mp3
8 mins
Belief and Faith.mp3
7 mins
Consider the Victim.mp3
8 mins
The Angry People.mp3
21 mins
Other People.mp3
5.42 MB
Let's Get Started.mp3
6.56 MB
The Warm-Up
Heart Coherence Meditation.mp3
7 mins
Blow Your troubles Away.mp3
5 mins
Breathing Patterns.mp3
7 mins
Catching Sounds.mp3
2 mins
Body Scan Any Time.mp3
7 mins
Touch Feel.mp3
2 mins
Eyes in Focus.mp3
2 mins
Time to Workout
Long Meditations Intro.mp3
2 mins
8 mins
Facing Fear.mp3
11 mins
Energy Centres - Powering Up.mp3
16 mins
Visualise Flow.mp3
15.3 MB
The Cool Down
The Cool Down - Intro.mp3
2 mins
Exciting Victories.mp3
4 mins
Tough Losses.mp3
6 mins
And Relax.mp3
5 mins
Bonus Audio - Hypnotic Sleep
Hypnotic Guided Meditation.mp3
11 mins