1-2-1 Soul School: 7 Weekly Intensive with Sarah + Personalised Programme by Sarah Flotel

1-2-1 Soul School: 7 Weekly Intensive with Sarah + Personalised Programme

How much does stress influence your life? 

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We are living in the age of overwhelm with so much information at our fingertips and time at a premium. Inevitably health and wellbeing can take a back seat and many people only take a look at it when they're in the doctor's surgery with obvious symptoms.

Work with me 1-2-1 (90 minute sessions) and with an incredible library of materials to help boost your wellbeing and dissipate stress. 

I will help you transform the areas of your life that need the most attention.


7 x 90 minute 1-2-1 sessions online or in person
Highly personalised written up programme for daily soul work

What's included?

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Client Intake Form
Open Goals Playbook.pdf
231 KB
1 min
Healing & Growth Work
Dominant Learning Profiling
Dominant Profiling Explanation
Dominant Learning/Expressive Profile Quiz
Session 1: Assess the Mess
Assess the Mess
Session 2: Let's Get Clearing
Pick Something
Session 4: Doubts and Fear
Nurture Doubt - Care for Fear
Session 3: Getting Inspired for Change
Change - Friend or Foe?
Session 5: Maintenance
Self-Care is Important
Session 6: Celebrate Your Inner Game
Well Done!
Breathe & Blow Away.mov
3 mins
Breathe 4-7-8 Nature's Stress Reliever.mov
3 mins
Move - Intro & Demo.mov
4 mins
Move - Thymus Thump.mov
1 min
More Movements.mov
3 mins
Movements - Ears and Jaw.mov
3 mins
Tapping Demonstration - EFT Sarah Flotel.mov
2 mins
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Self-Esteem with Tapping.mov
11 mins
Resentments with Tapping.mov
13 mins
Tap and Sing - Introduction.mp3
2 mins
Tap and Sing - My Time to Shine.mp3
5 mins
Tap and Sing - Sadness.mp3
3 mins
Micro Meditation - Heart Connect Demo.mov
2 mins
Micro Meditation - Heart Connect.mov
1 min
Follow the Feeling Guided Meditation.wav
22 mins
Hypnotic Guided Meditation.mp3
22 mins
Heart Coherence Meditation.mov
9 mins
Bonus Materials
Intro to Bonus Audio Materials.mp3
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Stress as an Invitation to Healing.mp3
11 mins
As You Are - Be Here Now.mp3
13 mins
Resilience Plus Affirmations.mp3
14 mins
8 mins
Aunty Ruby - Considerations for The Menstrual Cycle.mp3
38.7 MB